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Olivier’s Restaurant is owned and operated by Armand Olivier Jr. and the Olivier Family. Many of our recipes come down through the generations of our extended family – Mama Jeanne Gaudet Doublet, Audrey LaFrance Gaudet, and Cheryl Gaudet Olivier – and we carry on the tradition of our parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents, who stood in the kitchens of New Orleans and invented this great cuisine, now known the world over as the very essence of the Crescent City.

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If it tastes good, it’s good gumbo. I don’t care what you put in it or whose recipe it was or nothing and what don’t go in gumbo and what does go in gumbo. They’re going to be arguing over that when I’m dead. So my criteria is if it tastes good, it’s good gumbo.– Armand Olivier, Jr.
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Armand Olivier Jr.and Armand IIIMr. Olivier has been operating restaurants in New Orleans since 1979. The 204 Decatur Street restaurant is the third and latest in this tradition. The restaurant is run by the family and his long term management staff. Armand Olivier Jr. oversees operations; his son, Armand III, also oversees operations and is the Executive Chef.

Olivier’s dishes represent five generations of Creole tradition, beginning with the woman known in the family as Gramma Gaudet, Chef Armand’s great great grandmother. Her recipes were passed on to her daughter-in-law, Mama Jeanne (Gaudet) Doublet (shown). Mama Jeanne’s daughter-in-law, Audrey (La France) Gaudet, carried on the tradition, and passed it on to her daughter, Cheryl (Gaudet) Olivier, chef Armand’s mother.

Mama Jeanne (Gaudet) Doublet

The Olivier family prides itself primarily on two things: 1) authentic Creole recipes handed down through the generations they trace back in New Orleans history, and 2) innovative recipes and ideas in the tradition of Creole culture. It is this combination of tradition and innovation which sets Olivier’s Restaurant apart from imitators.

Olivier's Creole Restaurant Main Dining RoomThe “new” restaurant at 204 Decatur also includes fixtures and decorations reflecting the elegance of fine dining while maintaining the comfort of a casual atmosphere. On the second floor above the main dining room is a large private room equipped with its own bar and rest rooms. This room has 14-foot windows overlooking Decatur Street in the heart of the French Quarter.

The combination of great food and a relaxing, enjoyable atmosphere is the goal here at Olivier’s Creole Restaurant. The servers are courteous and helpful, the food is delicious, and don’t forget: Olivier’s is where Creole tradition meets “The Art of Dining & The Science of Cooking.”

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